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Battle of the Browsers (Windows edition)

If you asked me a year ago about which browser I use on my computer, I would have gleefully said Chrome: between the speed and the extensions, it was easily my preferred choice. However, at the time, I didn’t really know that there were other options worth considering. Sure, I had tried out Firefox a few times – each…

January & February:  the digitals

Disclaimer: my phone is a google pixel. My computer is a surface book. My e-mail address is and I love google inbox. I own a chromecast, regularly use google maps, google drive is my main file storage, and Microsoft Excel is probably my most frequently used program outside of a web browser. Suffice it…

Catching up

For the last couple of years (4? 5?), I’ve been collecting stories, thoughts and ideas from the internet (mostly from Lifehacker) and storing them in Evernote. My attitude has been, “hey, it might be cool to someday try this,” while letting the articles accumulate. Well, today I am no longer letting them pile up.

My desktop! My first go at trying to make something customized for myself.