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Hawls and Hweps Hawls and Hweps

Haven’t had time to write up a post lately! Got another hwep from vdubya yesterday so I figured I’d write one up quickly. Here we go!

Hawl and trade bait Hawl and trade bait

Not to interrupt LaLD car week! Everyone’s posts are looking great! Love seeing all these awesome Japanese cars for today’s theme! Without further ado, I had a pretty decent Hawl today at Target!

Small Saturday hawl Small Saturday hawl

Ran to the pet store for some aquarium supplies. Figured I’d swing by Walmart and hope to strike truck series gold.

Kday hawl Kday hawl

attended my first kday. It was a decent success, I was really hoping for an integra but none were there. No thunts or supers in any cases. A lot of guys heard after the first round there wasn’t any thunts and left. I grabbed more than I needed for trades.

First (and second ) Hwep! First (and second ) Hwep!

A couple weeks ago shopteacher and I agreed on a hwep. Datsun for an Outlaw. Little did I know he would throw in one of my favorite honda casts! The Datsun is amazing the tampos are just killer!

The Hawl I've been waiting for The Hawl I've been waiting for

After a few weeks of no restocks, today was the day! I found most of what I’ve been looking for and a few added bonuses.

Sunday Hawl Sunday Hawl

Hello all, haven’t posted in awhile due to technical difficulties. Anywho had a great Hawl this weekend!

Mini Hawl Mini Hawl

Took a quick look at Shopko’s selection today while I was there... Alas! A real rider 2002! Also an R34 I already have a few of, can’t get enough Nissans.

First Hawl with Authorship First Hawl with Authorship

Stopped by a Walmart on my way home today. Wasn’t super impressed but got a few decent picks.