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Car Timeline-No Pictures edition

Out of all of the cars I’ve owned, I don’t have a picture of any of them for some reason. Anyway, here’s the list:

Need opinions on what to do about my winter tires Need opinions on what to do about my winter tires

So, I have a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my winter tires. I still have roughly 50% tread on them, but they’re now three years out of date according to the DOT markings on the sidewall. When they’re not used, they’re stored in my basement.

Anyone going to Radwood Philly?

It’s this weekend at the Navy Yard.

Just a couple of vans Just a couple of vans

I happened to peer across the street at this amusing juxtaposition between vans. It’s almost like the Kei van is the smaller van you store in the bigger one for when you run out of gas.

​What's the real problem with Millennials? ​What's the real problem with Millennials?

My father was never really a car guy. But, nonetheless he did have some interesting cars while I was growing up. One of the cars I remember fondly was his 1984 Grand Prix. Even though I was young, I thought that was a pretty cool car.

Fantasy football

There was talk about it earlier, but no one set it up. So, I went ahead and did it. I went with Yahoo as I just like them better. I set the draft for Monday at 9am tentatively. This I set up as an auction draft for something a little different.

House Paint House Paint

I need to do some painting in my house due to having to replace some drywall due to a leak.

Not an hour rule....  Just a concept Not an hour rule....  Just a concept

Haven’t had to do one of these in a while...

Oppo, save me from making a dumb decision

Now, usually we talk people into buying a car. I’m asking for the opposite. I want to be talked out of it.

This Craigslist ad hurts my head

Ad copy, in case of kinja

Oppo, help me diagnose a problem

This on on my wife’s car.

Hour rule Hour rule

Pontiac Banshee Edition

Florida (wo)man strikes again

Yeah. So this apparently happened.

ImmoralMinority Bait ImmoralMinority Bait

Saw this when I was getting some lunch today. Figured you would enjoy. I love the color scheme

Best Selling SUV in America? Best Selling SUV in America?

According to a commercial I just saw, and this article seems to back it up.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Probably one of the best looking designs to ever come out of GM.

Hour rule-Brodozer edition

Here’s a few on a quick search for “lifted”

Thursday Morning Tunes Thursday Morning Tunes

An earlier post about One Hit Wonders got me listening to some of my own favorite forgotten songs.

Beaten to the Hour Rule-Rare Edition

Let’s search Craigslist using “rare” as our search term.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Did I do it right?

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