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Legal Question Legal Question

Someone I know told me a year or two ago that they’d had an employee steal money from them, to the tune of around $20k. He terminated the employee and, he claims, added up all that the employee had embezzled and submitted a 1099 to the IRS for that amount. In other words, report the stolen amount as money he paid to…

Helmet Question Helmet Question

So a buddy of mine wants me to ride with him on some laps at Laguna Seca. He has a spare helmet, but it’s unlikely to fit my melon. What is an acceptable Snell SA2015 helmet that is basic?

Deep Cycle Battery Question #2

Is there a simple way to have a cutout or an audible warning when a deep cycle coach battery has dropped to a certain voltage so that you don’t inadvertently “flatten” the battery?

Deep Cycle Batteries Deep Cycle Batteries

What makes this battery qualify as a “golf cart” battery and double or triple the price of the other “marine” deep cycle batteries on offer?

Any theories? [UPDATE] I got the story. Any theories? [UPDATE] I got the story.

The owners of the two cars live in the brown house. An unlicensed 16-year-old was out joy riding in his father’s Nissan — without permission — at around 4 am this morning with two other kids. He struck the silver car and continued into the red car, which was pushed forward six feet from where it was parked. The silver…

Workshop Improvements Workshop Improvements

This enclosure has been a seven-year (so far) work in progress. Many hours of quality time spent here.

Taco: 3rd Gen Taco: 3rd Gen

What is your experience with the 3rd Gen Taco? A colleague of mine has a one and he and his partner do a lot of exploring with it in the desert. He’s very happy with the, though he had a TRD rim fail due to porosity in the casting, and he just had his “U-joints” replaced. Toyota was cool about it, as the warranty ran…

My Father-in-Law My Father-in-Law

My wife’s parents in 1951 on their wedding trip. Pops would go on to earn a PhD in mechanical engineering from Purdue, and work on rockets. His dissertation revolved around cooling rocket exhaust cones with liquid fuel, thereby preheating the fuel for combustion, like the three main engines on the Space Shuttle. He…

What for a car? What for a car?

This is my wife and her little brother in 1965 or 1966. Can anyone identify the car in the background? (I personally have no idea what it is.)

Seen Around Town Seen Around Town

I’ve seen this van a couple of times. Is it an homage to the Dodge Super Bee?

Wheel Choice is Giving Me a Fit Wheel Choice is Giving Me a Fit

And then, at the Stop sign, he threw his sandwich wrapper out the window onto the street.

Tail Lights Stay On: '91 Corolla (Update) Tail Lights Stay On: '91 Corolla (Update)

Status: sorted, for now. The high center brake light wasn’t lighting because bulb not seated. Had it been, things would have been much more obvious. Anyhow, I pulled out the stop light switch from the top of the brake pedal and it bench tested fine. So I reinstalled it and things seem to be good, and perhaps the…

This buffer image hides a blatantly political image and related link. This buffer image hides a blatantly political image and related link.

And with all due respect to Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth, I hope she whacked President Trump upside his head with her purse and her Corgi cocked his leg on Trump’s trouser leg.

And then, Molly was gone. And then, Molly was gone.

We bid Molly farewell this morning. She had a good final weekend, with a couple of brief rides in the car, accepted a little bit of food, and lots of snuggles. Missus was Molly’s master in the truest sense, and this is very difficult for Missus. The vetern’ry folks were great. We had Molly for ten years and more. I…

Cecilia, 1970 Cecilia, 1970

I was six years old. I remember hearing this song and being quite taken by the beat, which I think would be quite modern for its time. My favorite S&G song.

Molly is still with us. Molly is still with us.

We went to the vet on Friday, and the vet said that the issue might be pancreatitis, so we brought Molly home and we’ve been giving her IV fluids and a pain med and careful diet and she is wagging her tail again and moving around a bit, so we are hopeful we’ll have her around a bit longer.

New Cooking Implement New Cooking Implement

Bought a grill for the camp stove. Fajitas para nuestra cena.

Window 7 End of Life Quandaries Window 7 End of Life Quandaries

Microsoft says January, 2020 is end of the line for Windows 7. I remember Windows XP dragged on for years after Microsoft said it would. Wonderings:

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