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Le Mans 2017 Le Mans 2017

I shall be attending this year. Any and all tips are appreciated! Best placed to spectate? Take photos? Sneak into? Drink wine at? etc...?

Freelance Auto Writing?? Freelance Auto Writing??

Anyone have experience with this? Know how to get into this? Thinking it might be a good side gig...

Where to buy Rims? 

I’m looking for 18in rims for a 2010 Audi Q7. I found some on but is it reputable? I’d like a genuine Audi part.

Car things in Denver???  Car things in Denver??? 

I just moved to Denver and I want to know where all the cars are. and C&C events, etc? Good museums? Etc, Etc...

Identify This Car!  Identify This Car! 

Friend sent me these and I am, for once, at a loss at to what it is. Thinking Italian, late 30s or 40s. Anyone know??

T'was a Good Weekend T'was a Good Weekend

Had fun at the racetrack this weekend, and stumbled (literally) upon a sleeping 2002.

Indy cars are loud.  Indy cars are loud. 

And fast. I stopped by the open test day at Sonoma Raceway this morning on my way into work and let me tell you, these things are stronger then coffee...


No pic unfortunately, but I saw a NEW NSX (!!) totally un camouflaged w/ reg CA plates on my way to work on Thursday (near Sonoma, CA). Are they out yet??

80s Music? 80s Music.  80s Music? 80s Music. 

A few of my favorites I will blast in the cocaine white single mirror Testarossa I don’t have.

Met some cool people today.  Met some cool people today. 

Thats all. Looking forward to this weekend with the races coming in Sonoma. Should be fun though somber. Have a photo I took at Laguna Seca 2 weeks ago for your time.

Monterey Car Week Guide Monterey Car Week Guide

For anyone planning on being in Monterey this week:

Monterey Meet Up? Monterey Meet Up?

Any of you folks going to be in Monterey at any point next week for Car Week Craziness? I’m planning on being there Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th, specifically for the Tour d’Elegance and the Historics. Lets hang out.

New Camera, New Blog New Camera, New Blog

Hello to all y’all. I’ll be moving over here to the photography side of Kinja from Oppo for a number of postings as I’ve just acquired a new D7100. I’m looking forward to sharing some great pics and improving the photog skill set. Enjoy a few pictures from the first week of DSLR ownership.

Buenos Noches Amigos Buenos Noches Amigos

May these foster lovely sueños.

Happy 'Murica Day Everyone Happy 'Murica Day Everyone

May your day be filled with beer, BBQ, and copious amounts of red, white, and blue. Unless you have to work like me because #Capitalism.

Shut Up & Take My Money Shut Up & Take My Money

Start saving now for next year! Wondering what leasing will be like...


If you have yet to see Weekend of a Champion, it’s on Netflix. Do so ASAP.

Nürburgring 24h Live Scoring

Here is a much better link to live scoring of the 24h (better than the ADAC, though they have the best live stream!)

Car Things in Durham, NC? 

I’m in a plane on my way to Durham, NC for the weekend. Any must see car things there?

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