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California LA area Oppos please explain the canyons and coastal driving around LA (bumped for day views)

Hey all, coming to LA next week with my family. Mostly doing kiddo things but set aside a day to “drive around”. We are staying close to Anaheim. I’m thinking for our cruising day we want to drive south towards Laguna Beach and down the coast a ways from there. I see some “canyon” roads on the map, is that what you…

So we are driving our newish van into a blizzard So we are driving our newish van into a blizzard

Driving from MA to NH tonight into the big storm so we can go skiing on Sunday. Van new in April, and I hadn’t the budget or time yet to get snow tires... I figured if there was one time to hurry along my purchase it would be the day before we drive straight into 2 feet of snow to get to the ski area (Wildcat in…

Oppos help me find cheap hubcaps for my winter wheels!

Hey Oppo, long time no post... I have black steelies on my Volt with the winter tires. I’m looking for 16" hubcaps. All of the ‘cheap’ 16" hubcaps look stupid. I’d like to get a full disc hubcap, I think they would look cool and aero and stuff... but all I can find is really expensive aluminum ones for that 50's…

"It's pretty broken" "It's pretty broken"

lol. worth your time.

Moar exhaust - update it's done! Moar exhaust - update it's done!

Update - it’s done! Video at bottom, and a better picture of the H-pipe.


Woah, all I need is another 932 subscribers and I can start getting paid! I rarely look at my channel, but my video about gauges dying in my brother’s ‘04 grand prix has been viewed almost 6,000 times! Then I noticed I have 68 subscribers!! Then I saw that my video about unsticking a jammed electronic parking brake…

Building stuff Building stuff

New headers, pipes, H-Pipe, mufflers, tailpipes, and I get to play with my welder!

Rust? Lets get started! (Updated) Rust? Lets get started! (Updated)

Update, now with more metal (and less rust!)

Mini truck yeah? Mini truck yeah?

I have no idea where this is from but it is amazing. Sorry if re-post.

Done right Done right

When your kids hug your old car goodbye and get mad at you for trading it in, you know you picked a good one. 10 years, many long trips and 155000 trusty miles on our Passat Wagon. VW, you built this car just right.

Best and Worst new car shopping experience in the same day

So this weekend my wife and I were shopping for a new minivan. I know, I know, minivan rage blah blah blah. Anyhow, we settled on the new Pacifica Hybrid and apparently a hard to find model option. Chrysler offers very few incentives on them because they are still relatively new and not widely in stock yet. We went to…

critique my car ad (and for sale soon) critique my car ad (and for sale soon)

Hey oppos, I wrote up an ad for our Passat Wagon, I was going to put it on a few VW forums and such. Let me know if this is just too much info, or just right. (and if you are interested in the car it will be available in a couple weeks - this isn’t meant to be a FS post if those things aren’t allowed). I’m just…

Work Dismissed! Work Dismissed!

I’m sitting here like “why?”

What would you do? And paging Steve Lehto!

So a relative’s and one of the cars I maintain has a mechanical engine problem. I’ve had the flu all weekend so haven’t been able to tear the engine down but it is most certainly a mechanical issue, ie bent valve etc. The problem? The issue happened while being valet parked. She drove a friend to a doctor’s…

I did it! I did it!

Holy moly, I did it! I’ve had my Volt for 5 years and it’s officially paid for. Thanks GM for your 0% interest offer! Now we can go a few months with no payments! (of course, my wife’s car now needs a rear main seal, but oh well.)

It fits! It fits!

Totally different than the other it fits post... but it’s fun to see what fits in my little car! Today I stuffed my new 55” TV in the back of my Volt. I had to remove the knobs to hook the cargo net onto to fit it in!

Anyone here use wheelwell?

Curious, today I’m suddenly getting a crapload of “so and so liked your vehicle”, wondering if anyone else is getting bombarded with notifications. Maybe they just started advertising someplace new. Honestly, I almost forgot I had things set up on that site. Suddenly it’s a thing again?


Well it’s midnight, I’m exhausted, not a single pic was taken, but problem solved! My brother called me at about 4:00 and told me his heater core just started puking coolant all over his car. Between gathering us all in one place and finding a heater core, then replacing it I’m pretty glad to see him roll out at…

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