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Wow. Just... wow. Wow. Just... wow.

This is what OPPO and LaLD can do, friends.

The Official OPPO E60 M5/E9x M3 S85/S65 Census The Official OPPO E60 M5/E9x M3 S85/S65 Census

From BlakeMT’s thread, for E60s I count:

KINJA!!! Give us preview text back. It’s good. Headlines aren’t enough. PLEASE.

It's just a Mirage. It's just a Mirage.

Two, actually.

Japan's Office Chair GP Japan's Office Chair GP

This is great. 

Influence of Gordon Murray’s T.50 . Will the strong (and unmet - as only 100 will be made*) demand for this car convince McLaren/Ferrari/Lamborghini (and Porsche in their future supercars) to reconsider offering manual transmissions in their cars? Probably wishful thinking, but a boy can dream... I’m very much looking…

Pole barn or steel building? . 30' x 50' shop. Steel is ~25% more. Thoughts? Anyone with first-hand experience with both?


Last day of work until next Tuesday. =)

Flowing water = strong. Concrete = also strong. . BARGES?! We don’t need no stinkin’ barges...

What is Your Ideal Car?  - - - (afternoon share) . Mine would be a track-worthy midsize wagon, RWD or AWD, 6-speed manual, no more than 3500 lbs, naturally aspirated V8, a hydraulic steering rack, in a rich blue color. I’m 41, married, with 3 kids and 3 dogs. . Yeah, I pretty much want a reliable V8 RS4 Avant with a manual…

Anyone else? Anyone else?

When trying to follow notifications. Thanks, Kinja!

Apple Almost Bought Tesla in 2013 . But “Apple wanted Elon Musk to step away, and that was a deal killer.”

It really is a shame that the mouse-over text is no longer a surprise.

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