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Hoooooo, I want this. I wonder how much speed it has to carry to make it all the way over the top? (SFW)…

Bats are sophisticated EW combatants

Echolocating bats jam each other's sensors.

This guy knows how to fill out his FAA paperwork.

I want to meet the magnificent bastard who actually went ahead and lived the dream.

You've been out-badassed. By Australians. (Again.)

I just wedgied myself on general principle for not being this kickass.

Hail, brave New England drivers Hail, brave New England drivers

Spotted this well-used winter ride in a parking garage in Western MA today at lunch. I admire the grit it takes to go out in a rev-happy RWD convertible (that wasn't even garaged!) the day after a foot-plus snowfall.