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Programming Quantum With AI

I was wondering if anyone here could help me.

Number Challenge

I love ratios, ratios are fun. Who can find the car with the lowest height/ground clearance?

Memory Question

I was wondering if I could get some feedback/personal annecdotes.


Recently I read an article showing how some astronomers discovered some of the oldest Galaxies they have found yet and they are an order of magnitude dimmer than any found so far. They did this using gravitational lensing and a bunch of fancy algorithms to occlude light from much brighter galaxies in the foreground.


Hey all, I haven’t been here in a while.

FTL communication!

At last! It looks like we did it, we have found a way to transmit information faster than light. How much faster? Practically “infinite”


Wahoo! Just got my PEng status. Now I'm all legit. Now if only I had more time to browse Oppo again :-/

Solar Panel Question

I just learned that solar panels are only able to absorb a narrow spectrum of light. I was thinking... Is it possible to use some sort of coating to enhance that spectrum of light? Sort of like how a phosphorous coating is used in fluorescent bulbs.

Applying for a new job. Applying for a new job.

I found a cool job. Lead engineer/draftsperson for a company selling aluminum jet boats. (They even make sprint boats!)

Windows 10 will be the last Windows

Haha yes! My earlier predictions about windows are coming true! link

Awwwe Yeahh Awwwe Yeahh

Practicalling it up!

Fuel savings question

Aside from physical testing, what is the best way to estimate fuel savings for the following situation?

How Ready Are You For VR?

Just wanting a poll of your opinions on VR please answer the following questions.

Voxelfarm Update

The guy who created the voxel engine behind the new everquest landmark released a new blog post that has me very excited.

Transfer rate

What is the cheapest way to get about 4 GB/s read speed for a computers primary disk drive? Minimum storage capacity of 120 GB. Is it a pci-e based ssd? Or raided conventional ssd's? The reason I ask is I was wondering how expensive it would be to symbolically link ones entire storage capacity (or at least most of it)…

RC Car RC Car

Well my son and I are going to take his badass new RC car out for a spin in the snowy streets of Canada. This is my first experience with a "high end" rc car. Any tips/tricks/advice from you all? My 12 year old son got the car as a gift from his grandpa. Also, how good is this car, and is there anything we should…

Thought Experiment

As you go into the weekend I challenge you to the following thought experiment.

Windows 365

Tomorrow, Microsoft is releasing a big announcement regarding the Windows 10 operating system, and it's potential impacts on Future PC's, Tablets, Phones, and even the Xbox One. One prediction I would like to make right now, is that this next Windows release may be the last, or second last windows release ever. No,…

Weloop a week later

I threw that thing in the garbage. No not literally, but I may as well. Push notifications keep not displaying any information, the app puts a huge drain on my battery, and my watch faces keep getting randomly wiped from the watches memory.

WeLoop Tommy Review WeLoop Tommy Review

I got my first smartish watch in yestersay! I am gonna post some first impressions.

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