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Swan's Summer Swan's Summer

It was the best of Summers, it was the worst of Summers. But now it’s almost gone.

BAO, now!  BAO, now! 

Here’s to resurrecting the BAO for today. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a place where we can bitch about something trivial or important without fear of unsolicited advice, sympathy or judgment. If you want those things, sure you can get them here too but you can just drop that bit of information or that pet…

TAYpedia Profile: Aikage TAYpedia Profile: Aikage

TAY certainly has a cast of characters and there is no better place to begin than with one of the largest characters around these parts.

The Language of Love (and pick up lines) The Language of Love (and pick up lines)

There’s a theme this week and it’s supposed to be love. I’m not an expert or anything. It took me 7 years before I could think about being married and yeah, I’m married now and life is all great there. However, I’m not an expressive person when it comes to declarations of love. Sure, I believe in telling the people…

The Graveyard Shift: Taco Tuesday Edition The Graveyard Shift: Taco Tuesday Edition

Hi-Diddly Ho, Neighbourinos! Welcome to the The Graveyard Shift, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free to join in the topic discussion, or comment about anything, or check out the other articles on TAY, AniTAY and TAYClassic. Is this is your first time on TAY? Then scope out this TAYTorial!

Today is Z day. Today is Z day.

After all the complaining earlier in the week by Zarnyx about how I denied all the attempts at pumpkin pie, I went on a mission to the farm that sells the really good apple pies and got this:

Early BAO.

Good morning!

Swan's Sunday Night Musing

I usually take a break from absolute bullshit on Sundays but since it's a special Sunday, I've been thinking:


Hey, Swan here.

Lunch Date with Swan Lunch Date with Swan

I went to a new place today, on fellow NYC Tayer Unimplied's recommendation, for lunch and got this:

Secret Dai BAO. Secret Dai BAO.

EDIT: inside of Dai bao.

The Proof is in the (Street)Pass The Proof is in the (Street)Pass

I was having a mini BAO about how I didn't need any more Jersey peeps in mah plaza yesterday. I might have offended one or two. Unintentional and Unimplied. (Whew, I'm witty.) I was simply stating that as far as people in my plaza go I have my fair share of Jerseyites. New Yorkers too but I work and play in NYC so…

Quick BAO!

I know I know! It's Wednesday. We don't usually BAO on a Wednesday but sometimes you just have to bitch no matter what day of the week.

The whole BAO becomes a half BAO The whole BAO becomes a half BAO

One day I will get to Baohaus but not today. Today I passed by my go to breakfast bao place and got my breakfast. I ate half. Those guys are huge, yo.

BAO nao.

Life is all about ups and downs. I always say that my life is punctuated by moments of happiness. The best one can hope for is more ups than downs, right?

Soft BAO

I'm not really in a bitching mood. Double entendre FTW. I am in a worrying mood but then again I almost always am. You see, I am a worrier by nature. I lose sleep over work, finances, personal health, health of family, life, world affairs. I'm apparently supposed to be a genius because people with high IQs worry.…

Breakfast BAO time.

Another weekend behind us. Did you all make it out okay?

Do we need to BAO today?

It's been two days since we had our last unburdening. Maybe life has been pretty good or maybe someone done pissed you off in the last 48 hours. Perhaps you're holding a grudge and you need a tiny corner of the interweb to store this info before you lose your damn mind.

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